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Muv-Luv Alternative

Safety Warning: Products on this page are for Adult Collectors. They may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 15 years of age.


From Kotobukiya!  Up next in the hit line of Ani*Statues from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative side story is the artificially created ESP master in an adorable animal costume, KASUMI YASHIRO -BUNNY MODE-!  Inquisitive and intense, Kasumi sits with her arms wrapped around her legs, wearing a skimpy bunny suit complete with a tail and long ears in addition to long, flowing twin tails in her hair.  The unique heroine accents her outfit with thigh-high boots, wrist cuffs, and a fur collar... all in bright white of course!  Bunny Mode looks great on Kasumi, and she's presented with an expert sculpt that captures her slim physique, the different textures of her clothing, her long hair, and her pretty face with its tiny pursed lips and huge blue eyes.  Kasumi is just over 5 inches tall (1/6 scale) sitting on the ground, and she's the perfect addition to your Muv-Luv Alternative Ani*Statue collection!



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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!
  Joining the series of incredible Ani*Statues from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative Side Story is an all new version of the elite samurai and First Lieutenant in the Imperial Royal Guard, YUI TAKAMURA!  The last time we saw her she was relaxing in a kimono, but now she's all business as she stands on the field of battle in her armored black, purple, and yellow plugsuit.  Her foes defeated, Yui leans on one hand with her katana at the ready in the other.  The pilot's suit has striking sculpted details with armor sections, high-tech protrusions, intricate lines, and creases.  Meanwhile, Yui has a distant stare in her huge purple eyes and long tendrils of black hair swirl around her.  Sculpted by Masato Abe, Yui Takamura stands 10 inches tall (1/7 scale) on her unique rubble display base.  She's the perfect addition to your Muv-Luv collection of statues and plastic models from Kotobukiya!

Muv-Luv Alt Te Yui Takamura Ani-Statue


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A highly detailed and super-posable figure, packed with accessories, as shown here! Stands about 13cm tall. 

Revoltech: Muv-Luv Alternative - Shiranui Type2 XFJ-01 (Yuya) Action Figure


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From Kotobukiya!  Kotobukiya proudly presents an all-new Ani*Statue version of the Russian test pilot from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative side story Total Eclipse, INIA SESTINA PLUG SUIT VER.!  An esper and survivor of Alternative III, Inia returns in her full plug suit gear, recuperating after a major battle.  Seated on a pile of debris, the pilot rests on one hand while looking curiously off to the side, her long, beautiful hair waving behind her.  Inia's distinctive body-hugging two-tone blue plug suit is intricately sculpted with armored sections, heavy boots, high-tech protrusions, creases, and more.  The pilot and esper is 6 inches tall sitting down (1/7 scale) on the georama base as she looks at you with her huge blue eyes.  Display her on her own or together with Muv-Luv Plug Suit Ver. Cryska Barchenowa and Yui Takamura with their interlocking bases!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Inia Sestina Eishi Kyoukasoubi ~Plug Suit~ 1/7 Scale Ani-Statue Figure (Total Eclipse)


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In the uniform she wears to pilot the Susanoo 4th Model, Kasumi Yashiro from "Muv-Luv Alternative" looks a bit uncertain, clutching her stuffed toy bunny by the hand. She's sculpted by Yusuke Masaki (Sakura Zensen), who deftly captured her unique combination of high-tech and sweetness. Kasumi stands about 20 cm tall, and a stand is included. Add her to your collection today! 

Kasumi Yashiro 1/8 Scale


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From Kotobukiya!  Up next in the hit line of Ani*Statues from the popular Muv-Luv Alternative side story is another elite pilot decked out in her plug suit, MITSURUGI MEIYA!  An honorable swordswoman and heiress, Meiya appears for the first time in this series in her full plug suit gear.  The fierce fighter is captured in a unique pose, curled in a reclining position as she floats in mid-air!  Meiya looks fantastic in her sleek black and white plug suit with purple highlights that's complete with all of the intricately sculpted details you've come to expect.  The beautiful and deadly pilot's huge blue eyes capture you with their intense glare, and she even holds her sword above her, ready to draw it from its scabbard.  Sculpted by M.I.C., Meiya is 9 inches tall (1/7 scale) as she "floats" over her specially designed display base.  Display her on her own or together with the other Muv-Luv plug suit pilots!

Muv-Luv Alternative: Mitsurugi Meiya ~Plug Suit~ 1/7 Scale Ani-Statue Figure


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The energetic Sumika Kagami, one of the pilots of the Susanoo 4th Model in "Muv-Luv," is ready to go in her futuristic uniform! Expertly sculpted by Yusuke Masaki (Sakura Zensen), she's the very picture of cheerfulness. She carries a heart in her hands to remind you to smile! A base is included; she stands just under 20cm tall. Add this colorful figure to your lineup today!

Sumika Kagami 1/8 Scale


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