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Safety Warning: Products on this page are for Adult Collectors. They may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 15 years of age.
Waiting in the Summer

From Griffon! 
Measuring over 9" tall, alien castaway Ichika Takatsuki is captured as she appeared in Episode 6 of the anime, Waiting in the Summer, dressed in a string bikini and accompanied by her strange pet/computer interface, Rinon! Posed on a beach base, with removable glasses.



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Ichika Takatsuki 1/8 Scale Figure


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From Good Smile Company! From the high school romantic comedy anime Waiting in the Summer comes a 1/7-scale figure of the main heroine, Ichika Takatsuki! The pose is based on an illustration by the series' original character designer, Taraku Uon. Careful attention has been taken to ensure that the same feeling of the original illustration has been kept on the figure, by faithfully recreating the relaxed, gentle appearance of Ichika. Even though she is a high school student, this figure shows off her more mature side for fans to enjoy.

Ichika Takatsuki 1/7 Scale Figure


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Kanna Tanigawa from "Waiting in the Summer" looks a little self-conscious, as if you've just caught her in the act of stretching.  Sculpted by Tanaka Touji and with the paint masterwork done by Ayabe Ichiro, the end result is a figure with superb paintwork (look at the shading on her hair) and a quiet presence.  She's about 23.5cm tall, and comes with a round base to stand on.  Take her home with you today!

Kanna Tanigawa 1/6 Scale Figure


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Walkure Romanze

From A-PlusWalkure Romanze More & More launched in May 2016, and this figure depicts Bertille Althusser in her lingerie outfit from the game. This 1/6-scale PVC figure stands 10 5/8" tall. 



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From Q-Six. From the Walkure Romanze series comes a figure of Celia Cumani Aintree! She wears a white school swimsuit from the Gym Class (Pool Arc) episodes! Her very tight swimsuit highlights the curves of her voluptuous body. The Armor has a feeling of weight and is mainted with metallic details! This 1/6 scale Celia stands about 11" tall and comes with a base for display.



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From B-Full. From Walkure Romanze: Shoujo Kishi Monogatari comes this 1/6-scale variant of the life size figure of Celia! This scaled down PVC version features her kneeling instead of standing with her removable apron and measures about 8.25" tall. This stunning Celia is sure to be a standout in any Walkure Romanze collection.



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From B-Full. From Walkure Romanze: Shoujo Kishi Monogatari comes this 1/6-scale variant of the life size figure of Celia! This scaled down PVC version features her kneeling instead of standing with her removable apron and measures about 8.25" tall. This stunning Celia is sure to be a standout in any Walkure Romanze collection.



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From Penguin Parade. From the anime series Walkure Romanze comes a figure of Akane Ryuuzouji wearing a frilly pink swimsuit that shows off her body for fans to enjoy! She is posed in a dynamic pose with a bit of a shy expression on her face, which only makes her look cuter!

Walkure Romanze: Akane Ryuuzouji 1/8 Scale


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 [Valkyrie Romanze [Knight Girl Story]] than, the popular PC game main heroine of this work
Basis Su~iria-Kumani-Aintree longing of all the students is the repaint version in one of the

Celia Cumani Aintree ~White Shirt~ 1/8 Scale Figure
(Knight Girl Story)


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Mio Kisaki from "Walkure Romanze" is wearing her favorite pink bikini with white polka dots, and she couldn't be happier! She's also wearing her arm and leg armor, since she is, after all, a female knight in training. Her tan lines betray the fact that she usually wears a one-piece swimsuit when she's out in the sun, and if you like you can remove her bikini (but the armor doesn't come off--a girl has to have priorities!).  She's about 27cm tall, and a base is provided. She's waiting to meet you today!

This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists.

Kisaki Mio School SS Sunburn 1/8 Scale Figure


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From Myethos. From Chinese smartphone game Warship-Girls comes a figure of the light cruiser Yat-Sen! Yat-sen is sculpted here in an elegant pose with special detail paid to her light ship parts as well as her beautiful outfit. Yat-Sen is sculpted at a 1/7 scale from PVC and comes in window box packaging.



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Ernula, as she's known in the "Senko no Ronde" videogame, is one of many androids, all with roughly the same appearance. In this cute PVC from Orchid Seed, your own personal copy of Ernula poses in a cute pink-and-black costume with a big, friendly-looking toy bunny! She's about 14cm tall in her kneeling pose, measured to the top of her upraised hand; her bunny friend is about 17.5cm tall. A round base is included. You'll smile every time you look at her--make her yours today!

Senko no Ronde - Ernula 1/7 Scale Figure


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From Tamashii Nations. Following the release of Ryumaru and Senomaru, Genoumaru from Mashin Hero Wataru joins the Robot Spirits series as the third Mashin installment! Shoulder mounted verniers and retractable foot blades are portrayed in detail. This deluxe robot action figure also features a full array of accessories, including electric shuriken effect parts, Genryusai and Himiko figures, 4 sets of interchangeable hands, and other arsenal. The figure stands 3 1/2" tall. Window box packaging.

Wataru: Genoumaru Robot Spirits Action Figure


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Whip X Nonoko

Imported from Japan! The first in the JSOCS (Japanese Sculptor Original Character Series), "Whip x Nonoko" is an original character line sculpted by Japanese garage-kit artist, Kaoru. The Whip x Nonoko: Nonoko ~Noon~ garage kit was originally released as an event exclusive, which is now being rereleased as a PVC Statue! Kaoru has been releasing "cute and stylish" girl figures for some time and, emblematic of his unique tastes, Nonoko ~Noon~ features a plump-yet-sexy body line with many detailed parts. Window boxed, Nonoko ~Noon~ comes complete with display base, glasses and a heart-shaped object for you and her to admire.

Nonoko ~noon~ Figure


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CM's Corporation presents another winner in its "Gutto Kuru" ("Good Cool") Figure Collection of PVC figures of pivotal characters from various anime series! Kumiko Fuzawa is one of the "Wing Gals," who transform into their superpowered forms and assist Wingman when he needs help. Kumiko looks cute and ready for action in her Wing Gals uniform! She's approximately 16cm (almost 6 inches) tall, and a base is included. Good and cool indeed!

Fuzawa Kumiko Figure


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Wish Upon the Pleiades

Wish Upon the Pleiades: Subaru 1/8 Scale Figure


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Imported from Japan! Rather than adapt Top Cow's best-selling comic, Witchblade, in a straightforward manner, Yoshimitsu Ohashi and Uno Makoto decided to create a brand new Witchblade bearer in a near-future setting in their anime series. Reina Soho is one of the characters from their take on Witchblade, a Neogene cloneblade who works as a Forensics Medicine Specialist in the NSWF (National Scientific Welfare Foundation). This Reina Soho PVC Statue stands 12" tall and comes equipped with accessories, such as a blade and a custom base for display.

Reina Soho Figure


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With You - Mitsumeteitai

This sharply detailed PVC figure of Noemi Ito, lovingly sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa of T's System, is dressed in a maid outfit and ready to do get some cleaning done! About 23cm tall, Noemi is nicely painted and comes with a mop that can be placed in her left hand. A round display base is included. This cute maid is one not to be missed! 

Noemi Itou 1/6 Scale Figure


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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! From the classic ren'ai (dating simulation) adventure game With You - Mitsumete Itai comes one of the most popular imooto ("younger sister") in the genre, NOEMI ITOU!  The sibling of the game's protagonist, Noemi dresses in a maid's outfit to run the family's tea shop.  Frail and unassuming, the beautiful girl is a masterful piano player.
Sculpted by Takaku & Takeshi, Noemi Itou stands almost 8 inches tall (1/8th scale).  Holding up her maid's outfit in shame, this statue depicts the specific scene in which Noemi changes her clothes; fans will know exactly which scene this is!  The clothing is fantastically sculpted, with flowing "fabric" and many layers and textures.  Detail is tremendous, down to the gap between the girl's clothing and her body.  Made from pvc and abs plastics, Noemi comes in a window box with an included display base.

Noemi Itou 1/8 Scale Figure


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From Orchid Seed. 
Popura Taneshima from Working!!! welcomes you to Wagnaria with a big smile and a frozen treat! The cute and energetic family restaurant waitress has been recreated in 1/7th scale and stands about 9 inches tall including her base. She comes holding a tray with an ice cream float filled with melon soda (a family restaurant staple beverage), and her fun and colorful base is a giant float as well! 



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Order up! Aoi Yamada from "Working!!" is about to have a mishap with her tray of water glasses! "Slosh" effect parts are included, as are Wagnaria menus for her to carry under her other arm and an alternate hair part so she can wear her hair pinned up. She's about 19cm tall, and a round base is provided. Make her yours today!

Working!!: Aoi Yamada 1/8 Scale Figure


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World of Warcraft



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