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Safety Warning: Products on this page are for Adult Collectors. They may contain sharp points, small parts that are choking hazards, and other elements that are not suitable for children under 15 years of age.
UFO Gendizer

Imported from Japan! MERSA strikes yet again! This time, his subject is Maria Freed, leading lady of Go Nagai's classic manga/anime UFO Robo Grendizer! Depicted here in her Drill Spazer outfit, MERSA's striking 1/6 scale interpretation of Maria is available in two versions: a "Regular" version in a red & gold color scheme, and a "Repaint" version featuring a see-through brown & violet color scheme - for Adult collectors only! Either would make a perfect companion piece to Getter Robo-Saotome Michiru figure, also offered his month! Window boxed.

Maria Freed


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Imported from Japan! Yamato opens the archives on its Story! Image! Figure! EX collection of PVC statues to bring back an old favorite - Maria Freed, the leading lady of Go Nagi's classic anime UFO Robo Grendizer. Sculpted by MERSA, one of Japan's most popular "garage kit" artists, this 1/6-scale rendition of Maria features her in a striking black variation of her Drill Spazer outfit that includes a see-through paint application. Window box packaging.

Maria Freed - Black


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Unbreakable Machine-Doll

From Kotobukiya. 
The next beautiful Ani*Statue from Kotobukiya comes from Unbreakable Machine-Doll, a Japanese light novel series (written by Reijii Kaito and illustrated by Ruroo) that's seen successful adaptations into manga and a recent anime.  The story revolves around student puppeteers in an alternate 1900s world where "Machinart" blends technology and magic to give life to automatons... like the main character's machine doll YAYA!  By all outward signs a real girl, Raishin's automaton is captured in a highly dynamic Ani*Statue presentation as she falls through the air and appears to hover above a complex gear-themed base.  Yaya wears a beautiful outfit consisting of heavy boots, stockings, and a detailed flowing and pleated dress that whips around her as she falls backward, with ribbons and sleeves floating around her with tremendous sculptural detail.  The artificial girl even manages a very cute expression on her face, giving you an embarrassed smile as her long hair joins the motion of her clothing in mid-fall.  Sculpted by Hideaki Kiyohara, Yaya reaches nearly 7 inches tall at the highest point of her left foot and is in perfect 1/8 scale.  An incredible Ani*Statue, this automaton with her intricate, heart-themed gear base is the perfect addition to your collection!

 Unbreakable Machine Yaya


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Under One Person

From Good Smile Company. From the Chinese webcomic Under One Person by Dong Man Tang comes this 1/7 scale figure of Feng BaoBao! Feng is sculpted in a peaceful moment and wearing an elegant outfit with a beautiful parasol! She its atop a decorating stone base and stands about 12" tall. 



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Unity Marriage

Slightly scowly Unity May from the erogame "Unity Marriage" swings into action! Balanced on one foot and secured to her base by a metal prong, she swings the flower-printed sleeves of her removable haori around her dramatically, giving this figure a great sense of motion. You can display her without her hat, too. The dynamically posed May is about 18cm tall, with the hat and without her base. The paint job on this figure is really gorgeous--add her to your collection today!

Unity Mei 1/8 Scale Figure


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Pink-haired and perky, Unity Yuno, the heroine of videogame "Unity Marriage," is the ultimate bridal fantasy in her frothy outfit! Some simple assembly is required to attach the hearts and wings to her dress, and to attach her to her included base for display. The bra cups on her dress can be removed as well, to make it crystal-clear exactly why she's so lovable! Unity Yuno stands about 19 cm tall. She's super-sweet and super-sexy--grab her fast!

This figure depicts full or partial nudity and is not intended for immature hobbyists.

Unity Yuno


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From Aoshima! Animes such as Utawarerumono are the dawn of a new era in animation. Fans of the series will be thrilled with this new 1/7-scale figure of Nekone. The soul of a scholar, Nekone is a philosopher at heart and by training. This 3-dimensional figure shows her smiling, the wind billowing her hair, and a staff in her hand. Made of PVC, the figure stands 7 7/8" tall. 



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Utawarerumono  Kamyu
From the "Utawarerumono" anime, manga, and video game series, here's the black-winged princess Kamyu fully realized in PVC form! Sculpted by Ibuki, this faithful representation of the character is dynamically posed with her elegant wings spread wide open. Kamyu measures 22cm tall to the tip of her right wing and comes with a custom display base.

Utawarerumono Kamyu 1/8 Scale Fig


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